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A fascination with images began when I was about 5 years old as I watched my grandmother unfurl parchment paper and recreate scenes in charcoal from a bedroom window looking out across the moorland northeast of Manchester where I grew up. An ancient Voigtländer rangefinder camera gifted to me by my uncle when I was 18, opened the door to the possibilities of photography.

My obsession with rock climbing and mountaineering provided me with the opportunities to travel further afield to the French Alps, Peruvian Andes and Nepalese Himalaya and photography became essential in documenting my experiences.

Originally trained in film processing and exhibition printing, I increasingly combined my interest in adventure travel, remote landscapes and traditional cultures with photography. In 1987, I studied documentary photography at Newport College under the tutelage of Magnum photographer, David Hurn. 

Since becoming a fulltime freelance photographer in 1990, I have documented stories and features in Mongolia, Tibet, and Russia’s Far East; trekked through India’s Northwest & Northeast Frontiers and the Central Asian Republic of Kyrgyzstan; sailed through the Malay Archipelago, on camels through the desert in Niger and photographed cultural identity in Vietnam, Ecuador, Chile, Honduras and Iran. 

Conservation and the environment have long been close to my heart working on assignment with Coral Cay Conservation in Fiji & The Philippines for  and Earthwatch in Tanzania & Kenya.

My portraits of British Explorers are part of the permanent collections of the National Portrait Gallery & The Royal Geographical Society. I was awarded the ‘Cherry Kearton’ medal for photography of “peoples & the natural world” by The Royal Geographical Society.

From my base in the Yorkshire Dales, I regularly work on features and stories in and around the UK. I am a preferred assignment photographer for National Trust and Yorkshire Dales National Park

I currently write a regular column for Outdoor Photography magazine.

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My first Cover image

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